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Private Garden, Wimbledon, London

 This iconic garden belonged to II-grade listed utopian house designed by Richard Rogers in the 1960's and donated to the Harvard School of Design's Graduate School. The projects brief was to restore the garden back to its former glory.

A conceptual garden was initiated by Todd Longstaffe-Gowan designs, aimed at restoring the original result as intended by the architect. Lyndon and the team implemented this by moulding and moving the earth around to create a rolling lane away from the house towards a patio at the rear of the garden with a long visual avenue broken up by tongues. Excavation and moulding of almost 100 tonnes of soil was completed in the rear, as well as in the front to make a sound barrier from the road. 

The flow of the courtyard and patio was complemented by lush trees, shrubs and herbaceous plants, organised in hues of green to accentuate the juxtaposing yellow of the house. The result culminated in an elegant and timeless rhythm between the house and the garden.

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