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Tree Ferns

Tree ferns are back in stock at Leahurst Nurseries! We stock Dicksonia Antarctica ferns from potter and 1ft size all the way up to 12ft. Last year our stock flew out and with the tree fern market as it is we are expecting the same this year so make sure you get in asap!

How to purchase: 

  1. Purchase from Leahurst Nurseries - all tree ferns can be bought and  collected from the nursery in Arkley, Barnet - APPOINTMENT ONLY. Email with your preferred day and time you would like to come and we will confirm.

  2. Purchase from Columbia Road Flower Market.

  3. Courier Delivery - tree ferns up to 1m (around 3ft) can be couriered to anywhere in the UK. This service is only available for the next 4 weeks whilst the ferns remain unfronded.

  4. Delivery - Lyndon will be doing limited deliveries of tree ferns over 5ft within the Greater London area, at cost.

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