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Spencer House, Green Park


Spencer House is an eighteenth century private palace overlooking Green Park in London. The house was built for the first Earl Spencer in 1956 and up to this day is considered as one of the grandest state houses in London. The house has a half-acre period garden where plants, shrubs and trees have been installed to evoke a contemporary, aristocratic feel.

Lyndon and his team have maintained the garden for 10 years and in 2018 was commissioned to execute a revamp of the garden. The maintenance has been tailored to the landscape, avoiding all pesticides and involving installation of concealed irrigation and water-systems.

The garden is open for public visits on Sundays as well as on special open days in June and July. These allow the public to see both the garden in its original glory and the wealth of magnificent plants on show, most of which have been supplied by Lyndon's North London plant nursery.

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