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Waterside Gallery, Victoria Miro, London


In 2015 Lyndon implemented Todd Longstaffe-Gowan designs to recast the waterside garden at Victoria Miro Gallery. A desired exotic and lush effect drew in an eclectic wealth of plants, shrubs and climbing roses to line from the bank to the southern ridges of the canal.

A wide range of scope in this project allowed for Lyndon's ambitious creativity to come to light when installing tree ferns, which are his speciality (Lyndon made a special order to ensure the tree ferns were spectacular for the site).

Using scaffolding and a pontoon, numerous large arched tree ferns were manoeuvred into a theatrical dripping position, their trunks and fronds reflection rippling over the water. Needless to say, an occasional capsize occurred!

Then a geo-textile was placed in with a copper lining to contain the aggressive willow roots and irrigation system to all the tree ferns. With all the elements unison, a fernery was created, lush and atmospheric; a sanctuary hidden away in the bustle of Old Street.  

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