Information and Care

Lyndon has 25 years of experience importing and handling tree ferns, and the nursery stocks a good range of plants, from little 1 foot starter ferns to giants of 14 feet and beyond. We can provide and install tree ferns, providing sound guidance based on years of practical experience. With many long term loyal customers who have now caught the tree fern bug, we are passionate about helping more people to successfully grow and enjoy these most fascinating of plants.

Dicksonia Antarctica

The hardiest tree fern grown in the UK, Dicksonia Antarctica (the soft tree fern) is by far the best known tree fern to most gardeners. With a thick woolly trunk and long arching fronds, it makes a fantastic specimen plant. Given a little bit of thought and care when planting and establishing, it can happily settle and thrive, especially enjoying the shelter and warmth of city gardens.

Cyatheas, more tender Dicksonias and other trunked ferns

Generally more tender and needing greater care, another genus of tree ferns, the Cyathea include some truly fascinating and majestic tree ferns. From the prehistoric, spiny trunks of the Rough tree fern, Cyathea australis to the mighty fronds of the Black tree fern, Cyathea medullaris, the genus represents an exciting challenge for the true tree fern enthusiast. The nursery generally holds stocks of a range of Cyatheas including australis, cooperi, medullaris, cunninghamii and occasional specimens of one or two other species. 

Dicksonia Antarctica