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Private Garden, Notting Hill, London


Lyndon and the team had the pleasure of working on a project this winter situated in the heart of the iconic Notting Hill. The project was designed by Fox Fernley from the reputable FFLO, who are always a challenging pleasure to work.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of this project was the intricate, Oak edging required for planter beds that wrapped around the back garden of the property. The Oak arrived, locally sourced, at Leahurst Nurseries in all its splendour as large planks from Copford Sawmill. Lyndon, Tarn and Tommy then had to cut this into the specifications. This really tested their carpentry skills. You can see from the photos below the transition of the wood and the work that went into creating a beautiful curved oak edging.  Our team really are men of many trades!

Reclaimed York stone paving was laid on the front of the property, highlighting the classic, historic features of the property. This paving was cut to size and laid in a mosaic pattern. To complete the job, the team are to cultivate the back garden, excavating and then applying a turf. The planter beds will then be planted in with a collection of shrubs and ground herbaceous perennials from Leahurst - just in time for Christmas!

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