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Punga Pots

*New and Exclusive*

We are offering a limited number of Punga Pots for sale. These pots are up-cycled Dicksonia Antarctica trunks which have been given a new lease of life. Each pot has been filled with fertiliser, soil and has been designed for water retention.

Punga pots can be ordered in a range of sizes;

  • Small £20

  • Medium £25

  • Large £30


The photos below display a range of small Punga Pots, potted up with hardy ground ferns, heucheras and grasses - however, pots can be ordered without a plant inside.

Available by pre-order at Columbia Road Flower Market on Sunday or at Leahurst Nurseries. Please submit an enquiry with your desired size and plant which you would it filled with.

Teracotta Pots

We have a selection of terracotta pots available in small sizes, most of which are hand thrown. These pots can be potted up with a succulent, perfect for a gift to go on a windowsill or to decorate a bathroom.

We have also accumulated over the years a whole range of large feature terracotta pots, some with detail and design. Please send an email if you are looking for a certain style or size of pot and we can try to accommodate.

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